Breakin’ Chainz

From birth onward we are shaped and molded by our parents, educational and religious institutions and many societal influences. Because we have been birthed into a world that has just as much as if not more negative influences as positive influences some of that molding needs to be refocused and reshaped to allow us to reach our fullest potential. The mere fact that we have members of society that are not able, for whatever, reason, to fulfill the vast realms of possiblities available to us. As such there is increased poverty, crime, low self-esteem, depression etc.

Breakin’ Chainz was created as a result of understanding that it is necessary to break the chains we accumulate over a lifetime that might limit one from realizing their talents and enjoying all that life has to offer. Breakin’ Chainz was our journey in learning more about ourselves as we discovered that change comes from within and that to realize the gifts you have individually and can be realized.