I’ve been singing and writing music for what seems like a lifetime and was hoping to have others want to sing my songs. When that didn’t happen I decided to sing them myself and discovered I liked performing. Thanks to social media, now, Indie artists and artists in general can be heard like never before. Creativity can now be shared across a vast spectrum. My hope is that my music is heard and lots of people enjoy it and would like to come out and enjoy my performance of those songs. So here I am! Let’s get it Poppin’!

Art Brown Hold on Lil Momma
Art Brown How Much I Love Her
Art Brown Silence Before The Storm
Art Brown There's No One But You
Chairo-9 Think I Can't
Chairo-9 Wasted in the Streets
Art Brown With Everything I've Got Left In Me
Art Brown You Ain't Treating Me Right
Wild Bill, Nikayla Brown, Art Brown Miles Away | Words They Say
Art Brown Raw Dog
Art Brown Thats What I Do, I Break The Rules
Art Brown What I See