Art Brown Hold on Lil Momma
Art Brown With Everything I"ve Got Left In Me
Wild Bil McCombe, Nikayla Brown, Art Brown Miles Away | Words They Say
Joe Sebastian Cofie/Art Brown Cmon Lil Darling(Blues Version)
Joe Sebastian Cofie/Art Brown If That Don"t Make it Better
Riny Raijmakers/Art Brown Flying High
Art Brown/Alpha Roots  Jah Come Around Here
Art Brown It"s All About Me And You
Art Brown Can"t You Tell By The Look On My Face
Art Brown Renegade
Jack Morefield / Art Brown They All Promise You Something
Art Brown How Much I Love Her
Art Brown Silence Before The Storm
Art Brown There"s No One But You
Chairo-9 Think I Can"t
Chairo-9 Wasted in the Streets
Art Brown You Ain"t Treating Me Right
Art Brown Raw Dog
Art Brown Thats What I Do, I Break The Rules
Art Brown What I See
Art Brown/Tom Adams/Fiveos Heavy on My Mind
Sasha Strings/Art Brown Evil Love
Art Brown Don"t Call them Crazy
Art Brown Raw Dog
Art Brown More than One Way
Art Brown/Rog If The Thing Won"t Change
Art Brown Something Ain"t Right
Art Brown Never Be The Same
Art Brown Come on Lil Darlin